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Wearable computing and developers: Android-powered smartwatch by Google?

September 7, 2013 at 11:29 pm | android, blog | No comment


Update Apr 20 2014: Google released Google Wear SDK, lots of interesting opportunities happening for wearable developers that wants to enter into the niche of developing smartwatch applications.

A few weeks ago, Samsung revealed their brand new smartwatch called Galaxy Gear. According to Bloomberg, Apple is working in a smartwatch too. And, last week Google announced they acquired the Android-powered wearable-device company WIMM Labs last year.

It definitely seems like a new market is opening up here. The outlook is exciting for developers, since it is more than likely that they will publish SDKs for developers to develop apps for this new wave of wearable devices.

Two years ago, we collaborated with WIMM Labs as part of their Innovation program: we developed a News Reader application. We adapted our AnyRSS application to this new platform.

It was quite an exciting venture. The navigation is completely different, and the screen size requires the user interface to be very optimized. Also, the battery power is very limited, and the conditions to access the network are radically different. Also, the lack of keyboard must be accounted for in the most comfortable way for the user.

Our app was reviewed in well-known tech media blogs and magazines, being one of the most exposed 3rd party apps for the WIMM One devie. Suddenly, they shut down for no apparent reason. Now we see why: Google knocked on their door.

We’re excited to see what opportunities these new wave of devices bring for developers. We may need to load the code of our News Reader again! This time we won’t integrated with Google Reader, though : )



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