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Web developer with a sense of design – Remote

Can you write good code? Are you passionate about technology?

Then join us! We’re looking for a web developer (part-time or full-time). Here’s the main skills you should have:

  • Significant experience in web development. It can either be server-side (RoR, Django) or client-side (jQuery, Angular, Backbone, Ember, etc.). Have you developed web applications?
  • Love to write beautiful code. Can you write good code? Clear APIs that are easy to extend? Maintainable, well-tested business logic?

In the last four years, we have developed and launched Android applications (and few web projects) that have reached more than 14 million users. We have exciting plans for new products, as well as for important enhancements to our top applications, and that’s where you come in: collaborate in the core development.

We strive to write high-quality code, we collaborate through code reviews, follow a very agile workflow, and iterate fast. We are not only driven by business goals: innovation, learning or fun are important factors that we use to prioritize our tasks. We were among the pioneers to develop applications for wearable devices (the WIMM One smart watch), and are among the few Spanish developers in possession of a Google Glass device.

This is a remote working position. We’ll be happy to book a spot in a co-working space for you, if you prefer. We are currently located in New York.

Get in contact with us (in English or Spanish) at Have a look at our github profile.



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