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Can’t get our money out of Mobclix [Updated]

August 21, 2010 at 9:20 pm | android, blog, monetizing | 81 comments



September 12, 2013: Indeed, Mobclix scammed us. They didn’t pay us for almost a whole year now. We had most of our ad impressions directed to them for quite a while, so they have definitely made good profit off of us.

August 24, 2012: They just generated and executed the pending invoices. That was a quick reaction on their side! Still, we have not managed to match the figures of the monthly invoices with those on Mobclix’s Revenue tab (it would be great to know how exactly those are calculated).

Original post

This post is related with a comparison we did between Admob and Mobclix. Look at the Admob vs Mobclix: 1st round, 2nd round and 3rd round.

Find the updates below.

Will those numbers in your Mobclix analytics page ever turn into real money? Apparently it’s not so easy. And we are not the only ones, see here and here.

In short: we started generated revenue on March 2010 and now, in August 2010 and close to 5-figure numbers, we didn’t receive a single cent.

Long version: see our discussion with Mobclix support below.

Delayed payment

This is the e-mail that we sent on August 12 to Mobclix support:

During March, our first month with Mobclix, we generated $268.09 with our applications:

FML (803e8557-b71d-4937-b23a-8802ab22b125): $35.97
MLIA (cdf3868e-16b2-4611-ae83-4c6736400c50): $86.85
TFLN (cbc66b89-e88a-4e5e-8eb1-f3dbd36faf84): $145.27

Our questions are:
1) Why did we not receive any payment yet?
2) Why does the Invoice for June 2010 says $69.72? (Instead of $268.09)
3) Why didn’t we receive any payment yet? (We forgot this question in the original message)
These questions equally apply for the following month, April (whose invoice was generated during July)

The answer was just a document with the invoice for June (March’s revenue), splitting the contribution from every ad company. To this, we replied explaining what exactly were the mismatches between the figures in our Mobclix analytics and those in the invoice. In short, it should be 4 times bigger.

The answer was:

Mobclix will make payouts when we receive payments from ad networks. So while you may not be paid for a certain network in a month, we are working on collecting the payment and will remit it in your next invoice.

Irregularity in Revenue reporting

This is a different issue, and pretty worrying too. This was our ticket to Mobclix, on August 12:

In the Revenue tab for our applications, we noticed that, for 21-27 July, the generated revenue figures dropped a posteriori, after those days had passed. We can’’t find any reason or official explanation.

More specifically, here you have a table with the comparison of the figures that we observed before and after July 31:

27 July62.40$39.53$
26 July66.10$34.70$
25 July73.32$34.28$
24 July78.62$37.70$
23 July73.18$36.93$
24 July78.05$27.53$
23 July61.12$32.44$

We never got an answer.

What’s funny is that, if we hadn’t seen this, we would never have noticed. Maybe you think you made 100 dollars per day last month, but it has now magically to 40. No kidding.

Next steps

We still have hope that Mobclix will react, and understand how serious these issues are. We’ll keep you posted.

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81 Comments to “Can’t get our money out of Mobclix [Updated]”

  1. [...] Will those numbers in your Mobclix analytics page ever turn into real money? Apparently it’s not so easy. And we are not the only ones, see here and here. In short: we started generated revenue on March 2010 and now, in August 2010 and close to 5-figure numbers, we didn’t receive a single cent. Source: Planet Andriod [...]

  2. [...] Can't get the money out of Mobclix | Androidsx [...]

  3. Michael A. says:

    Not to excuse Mobclix in any way, because this treatment you describe appears very unprofessional, but perhaps you were affected by this issue, described on the Mobclix mailing list?

    Best of luck and as always, thanks for sharing.

  4. Marc Tan says:

    Oh this is bad, I’m using admob for more than 6 mos and revenue declined a lot over the past 2 months. I’m thinking to switch over Mobclix but after reading this article, I guess I’ll just stick to admob for a few more months. Thanks for the article and looking forward for Can’t get our money out of Mobclix Part 2.

  5. LuisKaP says:

    We’ve had exactly the same issue.

    The best thing we can all do is switching from Mobclix to other ad service. This is way too unprofessional, you can’t promise developers more revenue, show them they earn X and then change it to X/2, and don’t even pay a single cent.

    We are talking about money here, not just a game…

    By the way, i think you guys forgot to mention that now Mobclix pays 100 days after (at least theoretically), wich is a lot of time talking about ad payments.

  6. Adam says:


    Sorry it took so long to get a response on here: my name is Adam and I work for Mobclix. I just joined and I’ve started coming across these issues and I can tell you, this is NOT okay. I am to get answers and fix your issues.

    From the limited information I can get from this post, it sounds like it might be an ad network reporting issue. I’m shooting from the hip here but ad network reporting does alter from time-to-time after delivery. I can’t even start to guess how the networks calculate their payments, or why they would change but keep in mind, we’re simply reporting what the networks are giving us– if they make a change, we have no control, we simply report the information live.

    I’ll check into your support ticket, I’m sorry you haven’t had your problems addressed yet. Normally we’re really on top of things with support.

    For any questions (or anyone else who wants to ask) please email me directly: adam [at] mobclix [dot] com.

    Thanks very much for your continued patience.

  7. [...] This deserves a post on its own: Can’t get our money out of Mobclix. [...]

  8. Tom says:

    I had a similar thing happen on Mobclix. I had over $200 shown for the month in earnings toward the end of July. Then next day I checked, suddenly it was only about $70! It was not an Adtini issue, other networks systematically changed the payout for each and evey day for that month! Mobclix had kindly explained to me that those number can change for up to a month. When I had pointed out that some networks had paid $0 (after the change) for 70 clicks day after day after day, they had pointed out that while they do not encourage this, networks can do this as part of some special promotional thing. (frankly I don’t care what it’s part of, they’re paying $0 per click!) At this point I saw no point at continuing the back and forth with support… obviously whatever I point out, they’ll just explains as “that’s ok, that’s normal”.

    Now mind you, I switched over from admob because I heard what awesome payouts Mobclix provides… needless to say, I’ve switched back to admob this month.

  9. John says:

    Well…this is good information. I just finished coding my move from admob to mobclix… I guess I will be reverting to my previous revision. I am making just a little revenue from admob at this point but a little is better than none!! Thanks for the info!!!

  10. Rick says:

    We are having some major problems with MobClix. It is impossible to tell from the dashboard how much money one has earned. The numbers keep changing. Like Tom above, we are getting $0 per click for a lot of clicks and losing revenue. We have never seen the numbers change like that with other Ad agencies. A click is a click and its worth what it is worth…never understood the rationale behind the numbers changing. So if the value of a click changes from 5c to 0c, who gets the money…does MobClix keep it? Where does that the money go and why does the number change? MobClix has not provided an adequate explanation….

    Best to stay with AdMob…atleast you know what you are making and get paid consistently.

  11. Hi

    I’ve been testing both AdSense and Mobclix for a while (with a very low revenue apps, just some hundreds of users).

    What I’ve found until now is that Admob is a more mature service, but, Mobclix hears people voice and fixes things reasonabily quick. They even contacted me in order to help me with my problems just after a twee

    So, I think we should let these guys to fix their issues in the following months and they’ll become a very serious competitor to admob.

    Something to blame both ad systems (well, and all of them) is the darkness of the data.

    We demand clear information on why the price of the clicks. All them are right now like a blackbox that offers you a set of ads and a almost-random amount of money from you clicks.

  12. mhagi says:

    I’ve experienced every issues in this thread.
    - revenue numbers reduced by half.
    - 0$ per click
    - payment

    I submitted tickets for all above issues and they responded kindly and quickly. BUT nothing is fixed.

    Now I do have another issue. They promised $500 of advertising credits if I start using them before the end of June. Now it’ almost September and I still hear nothing from them. I’ll not submit ticket for this. Let’ see when(if) they’ll contact me about it.

  13. Rick says:

    mhagi, you noticed they responded quickly to the tickets and did not fix anything. That has been our experience as well. Lots of talk..with little or no action. They respond withing 24 hours to a ticket..but do not fix it. They will say things like..really, we can’t reproduce the problem…are you sure you are seeing the issue? Oh, the dashboard is saying $0/click for you? That can’t be…seems to be be saying $0.03 on ours…we’ll take a look. When you complain again…they will tell you that they fixed it, don’t know why you are still having the problem. Its amazing, how they can keep doing that…one story after another. Its ridiculous…the same type of thing will happen with payments. Anybody else got a similar experience?

  14. jj says:

    as an android developer just starting out, some very useful info/comments here, thanks for the heads up.

  15. bobby says:

    Seems like there are some new conditions that affect people with small revenues. I have a simple app that I used to test out the whole appstore thing and have only generated a couple of hunderd dollars over 6 months in clix.

    Initially, they said they were now only going to pay once you got over 100 dollars and I thought ok… that is reasonable. But once I got over 100 dollars they didn’t pay. So I check with them and they give me the run around. Finally I find the invoices page and it says I have been paid 150 dollars but it never turned up!!!

    Contacted them and now they are going on about a limit of 180 days to get to the 100 dollars and if you don’t it becomes a advertising credit (what ever that is) which then expires (you cannot see where your credit is or how to use it). There is no info on the site and support is well hopeless.

    My advice: pass on Mobclix they are unprofessional and unreliable.

  16. Mike says:

    AdMob and MDotM have both, in my experience, paid regularly every month. Mobclix has never voluntarily paid unless you threaten to hold any new apps from using their service.

    Though having said this, I do have a contact at Mobclix which I continue to have faith in that we will get paid. Perhaps it’s my good nature. If it weren’t for the fact I have so many apps using Mobclix I would have used a different distributor like Adwhirl from the start.

    I’ll keep everyone posted on my development. I too, got the same message

    “Mobclix will make payouts when we receive payments from ad networks. So while you may not be paid for a certain network in a month, we are working on collecting the payment and will remit it in your next invoice.”

    I sent them my detailed reporting from my account and pointed to discrepancy which they sent me as an Excel file.

    Fingers crossed, hoping all goes well.

  17. John says:

    Wow.. this is great information. I just finished an app after 4 months of work, and putting the final touches on it such as ad services etc, and it is amazing how many people have problems with mobclix, it was my #1 choice from just side by side comparison of features. But from the 100′s of horror stories I have read all of the net about moblix i will stay FAR AWAY from them, sounds like they really dont know how to run a business. I feel for all the devs that got screwed by mobclix, but at least it wasnt all in vain as you help other developers considering mobclix to steer clear from them. thank you.

  18. thxm8t says:

    Wow! Thank you for the warning about mobclix scam not paying….it makes the admob/google low pay sound much better than the mobclix ‘no pay’ system. I just finished a bb app ported to android with a 300′ user base and _almost_ wasted my time coding mobclix ads in. Thx!!

  19. @thxm8t: Just for clarification, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is a scam

  20. sad : ( says:

    guess what… not only did the same ‘no pay’ happen to me, the $$$ bonus they promised during their promotion back a few months ago for trying their platform – didn’t pay that either… wow :(

  21. Adam says:

    Wow, I haven’t been back since my initial post and it seems I’ve missed a lot. I’m sorry, I’ll be back to check on this often until the issues are put to bed.

    First, I work at Mobclix and since I’m sure this will be a long post, I’ll start here: if you have any questions, please email me: adam[at]mobclix[dot]com. I can help you with anything you might have specifically. Many people have told me they’re glad they reached out and that I shoot things straight. Please don’t hesitate writing me.

    I’m going to try to (briefly) address all the above questions here:

    -Dashboard is unclear: Yes, it is and it has been. We will be releasing a new version that will provide individual Ad Network clarity on who’s paid and who’s late. That should fix the issues at hand. We’re targeting mid-October.

    -Payment Alterations: The only published problem I know about is the Adtini reporting issue. I’ve had complaints of other networks doing egregious alterations but I have yet to nail down which network is causing the problem. Changing from a high number to $0 per click after the fact is just plain wrong. Because think about it, you’re prioritizing towards people that are higher paying, only to find out they aren’t paying. If you have any specific information about a large payout change, please write me with the date and network and change amount, I’d really like to find out where this issue is. And to answer your question, no Mobclix or the network doesn’t keep this money. If the amount changes, no one is getting paid. This includes us and the ad network.

    -Darkness of data: This is an industry-wide problem and it’s not just AdMob and us that have this problem. Frankly I think it’s because digital advertising stems from an old-business. Think Don Draper. It’s much the same way banking systems, mortgage and the stock exchange isn’t clear, advertising is very regimented and secular in the information it provides. Most brands will never even find out what apps (or websites) their ads run on! I don’t think this will change anytime soon.

    -Payments in General: Yes, we’ve had some major issues. No secret there. But if you’ve talked to me I’ve been promising a fix on the horizon. Well one came: This will provide the systems we need to ensure timely payment for you. Also, we’ll be announcing something soon that will help even more. Targeting mid-October. In the meantime: if you have an outstanding payment, write me! I’ll get you paid!

    -Listening to developers: Thank you to the person who said we listen, we try to incorporate as much as possible into new releases, fixes etc. However, the volume we deal with is immense. We’ve got a tiny staff dealing with 12,000 developers and 7B impressions. We’re ramping up quickly on headcount but there are things we miss. If we miss your request or don’t get back to you, please don’t take it personally or think that we’re ignoring you. We’re just trying to keep up. This isn’t an excuse, it’s a reality. We tried to run lean prior to acquisition and now are ramping up. We recognize we can’t run a business like this so we’re getting more people to fix the problems.

    -Ad Credits: This was a very popular service and we frankly oversold our supply. If you would like to take advantage of your credit, know two things: we won’t be able to run it immediately and the $500 won’t get you very far. Perhaps a day’s worth of impressions. Regardless, it’s free so I would take advantage. We’ll need the creatives and a landing page and we can do the rest. Please contact me to schedule a campaign run.

  22. [...] Androidsx: Can’t get our money out of Mobclix [Updated] October 5th, 2010 by AndroidAdmin No Comments Find the updates below. Will those numbers in your Mobclix analytics page ever turn into real money? Apparently it’s not so easy. And we are not the only ones, see here and here. In short: we started generated revenue on March 2010 and now, in August 2010 and close to 5-figure numbers, we didn’t receive a single cent. Long version: see our discussion with Mobclix support below. Delayed payment This is the e-mail that we sent on August 12 to Mobclix support: During March, our first month with Mobclix, we generated $268.09 with our applications: FML (803e8557-b71d-4937-b23a-8802ab22b125): $35.97 MLIA (cdf3868e-16b2-4611-ae83-4c6736400c50): $86.85 TFLN (cbc66b89-e88a-4e5e-8eb1-f3dbd36faf84): $145.27 Our questions are: 1) Why did we not receive any payment yet? 2) Why does the Invoice for June 2010 says $69.72? (Instead of $268.09) 3) Why didn’t we receive any payment yet? (We forgot this question [...] Continue reading Can’t get our money out of Mobclix [Updated] on Androidsx [...]

  23. Mark says:

    My ad impressions for the last three days:

    3 days ago: 23,000 impresions, 120 clicks, $3,10 revenue (this is normal)
    2 days ago: 2,000 impressions, 10 clicks, $0.40 revenue
    yesterday: 400 impressions, 5 clicks, $0.00 revenue

    And I’m not seeing any ads when I use my apps.

    Anyone else seeing this!?

  24. Adam says:

    We had a reporting issue over the weekend. It’s been fixed but we’re analyzing how it affected various users.

    We’ll be releasing an official notice soon. Check the official mobclix sdk android site for more information:

  25. We were definitely affected by this big drop in CPM in the last days, and are relieved to hear it’s been fixed.

  26. Mark says:

    Didn’t seem like only a reporting issue since my own tests showed there were no ads actually appearing.

  27. Mark says:

    All the figures are still way down on this time last week… (less than 10%)

  28. Adam says:

    Hey guys,

    Problem has been fixed, as I understand it the only time no ads were shown was during the fix (Sunday). If you are still having an issue with no ads showing please file a support ticket immediately!

    eCPM is down this week in general, it’s expected as it’s the beginning of the quarter. But we’re seeing a ramp for Q4 and a new android campaign is coming down the pike this week.

  29. Mike says:


    I’ve been in communications with a couple of associates at Mobclix, each giving me a “hang in there” message and that things will get better. In one of your earlier posting you mentioned having problem with one particular vendor. My question is if you have an irresponsible vendor that wont pay why do you let them host their services on our apps? One weekend I was generating earning upwards of $500 a day. Most coming from Adtini. If it is true that Adtini unscrupulously practices bad business then why do you keep them in the rotation. Especially since they offer a great deal Mobclix’s optimization program serves their ads from our apps. I noticed that Adtini serves ads irregularly and its seems when they do they offer a “can’t resist” deal that only serves them. This only benefits them as they get free advertising then later “correct” the payout to near zero.

    Here is an example of what happened to me 2 months ago when in my infancy I generated $300 in one day. 2 weeks later that $300 was reduced to a mere $60. Now 4 months have past and I’m still waiting on that payout. I fear this will happen again on a weekend I earned nearly $1,300 as most came from Adtini because the Mobclix optimization served their ads.

    Either put a limit on Ad Networks to limit when they can make a correction or boot them from your distribution point. Ultimately, we developers feel the brunt of it as it is our livelihood.

    I have too much invested in Mobclix. All I want is some transparency so I can reconcile what I actually earned with what is being paid out.


  30. Adam says:

    Mike thanks for the feedback,
    Adtini isn’t being unscrupulous they just screwed up in their reporting for half a month. But if I’m understanding you correctly you’re saying you have this documented multiple times? That is the first time I’ve heard that, can you please send me the dates and amounts that have changed? No network should change over 20% day to day and even then– that’s a reporting adjustment– they happen within a 24 hour period.

    Adtini does offer some very high paying sporadic campaigns, we keep them for that reason. If you think Adtini isn’t worth the effort (or risk) you can turn them off in our dashboard, then we won’t serve any ads from them.

    As for your account, if you’re past due, please send me an email (adam[at]mobclix[dot]com), I’d be happy to look into your payment and fix the situation.

  31. Mark says:

    The week before October 8th, I was getting 40 times as many impressions as for the week after. This has never happened before. Surely it cannot be explained by the fact its the beginning of a quarter. I mean, this is a drop of 97.5%!!!!

  32. Adam says:

    That doesn’t sound right Mark.
    Are you using any open allocation (iAd, admob, etc)?

    Send me and email with your account information and I’ll check (adam[at]mobclix[dot]com).

  33. Eong says:

    We are also going to switch to Google Adsense from Mobclix now. One of our apps has 3,500,000 impressions and only get 0.02/ecpm and $50 revenue/day on Mobclix. And the payments are really too late(net180 instead of net90) and jumbled. I don’t want to calculate every table my self. Is it so difficult to make the payment clear and on time?

  34. [...] read a lot of information about Mobclix, and it seems they are very very slow at paying.  This information was as recent as December 2010. From what I read, if you email one of [...]

  35. Eong says:

    As mobclix responded to us, we decided to give them a chance. But we found we are wrong.
    We got the detail of their payment. Excel files. I did some excel job to calculate the amount from every ad network for every month. I found they ate some money in the past payments, about $100. And the recent payment is delayed. Developers, you’d better keep your app away from Mobclix unless you want to try the worst payment system.

  36. Adam says:

    Eong – Sorry – just re-checked this site. I heard you’ve been paid, am I wrong?

  37. DanteOz says:

    Thnx for the info, i was about trying mobclix but i think i beta stay clear

  38. Just to add I’ve had similar problems. I moved to using Admob today at 3/4pm. In the time since (~11 hours) i’ve had 1500 impressions. With mobclix they reported 28 from 12am to ~3pm.

    I just have absolutely no confidence in them, and hearing all the other problems in this thread I’m glad I made the switch.

  39. Jack says:

    Thanks for the info, guys. I will most definitely *not* be using mobclix.

    Does anyone have experience with mopub? What is the best service?

  40. I want to install wordpress on one domain name but using that same wordpress have a select category come up under a different domain. Is there a way to do this?.

  41. Poor sod says:

    I’ve been with them for a while, say end of december 2010 or somthing. Have’t seen a single cent yet. Have implemented a way to see how many clicks I get last month that reports back to me directly. I should have a bunch more cash than what they report, this is thievery plain and simple.

  42. Roulette says:

    Hello There. I discovered your weblog the use of msn. This is a very smartly written article. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I will certainly comeback.

  43. Jay says:

    Has the situation ever been resolved? Did you move to another company? I was happy after making over $11k in three months with mobclix but am awaiting my first payment now. I really hope it comes in or I just wasted 5 months of my life…

  44. Rootko says:

    Wow, my payment has just show up :)
    Honestly I wasn’t really expecting that. But thank you Adam, whatever magic you’ve pulled – it worked.

    for others – after I contacted Adam directly, my money was on paypal account in 2 days in full amount as reported in dashboard. So maybe it’s worthy to give them yet another try. I might.

  45. Billy says:

    Experienced the same issue here recently with Mobclix.. It seems that they’re payment logistics still need polishing but Adam’s a great resource for direct help – just email him for help if needed.

    I do wish Mobclix would clean up their payment process & timing. They’re this close to being by-far the best network out there .. But until then this will be a big frustration for many of us.

    Great post! Glad to see I’m not the only one frustrated with this..


  46. Adam says:

    Hi guys,
    Haven’t been back here in a while and I’m sorry about that.
    You guys have heard it many times but we’re starting to see it happen (finally). We’re swapping out systems and any delays caused will be fixed and we should have things totally wrapped up by next pay period.

    As always, if you’re facing any delays, please email me adam(at)mobclix(dot)com!

  47. Natty says:

    WARNING : Mobclix is “SCAM”!!.Don’t waste time with they.
    I’m used mobclix for my ads for then 5 months.I got 120 USD since 4 month ago.
    They said my payment is NET90 days.But now it’s alredy over 100 days.
    They don’t pay anything.I still don’t get any money from mobclix.
    Mobclix is lier and Scam.Don’t belive them.
    Don’t waste time for them.You’ll get paid nothing.

  48. adam says:

    Natty -
    The only reason people aren’t getting paid is if their accounts are deemed fraudulent. This represents very few of our publishers. I recommend you either email me directly or file a support ticket for more personalized information.

  49. julie says:

    I guess ill see you fucks in court. I’ve already inquired about my rights And I have people on the if something happens to me or anyone close to me, the whole house of cards will fall all so publicly. Or we can settle this more desceetly. Y’all s choice! I want all the lies rectified.

  50. Rob says:

    I too, have been screwed over by mobclix. Their “support” people keep jerking me around. I’ll probably end up suing them in small claims court, and I encourage you all to do the same. The costs to file a claim and serve papers etc. is generally less than $100 and judges will typically add that amount to the judgement if you end up winning the case.

    It looks like this will be the only way to get through to these people… unless someone feels like organizing a class action lawsuit.

  51. jeff says:

    Mobclix won’t pay you.. don’t use them!

    If you are in the same situation, check out this post for possible class action suit against them:

  52. My name is Johns Trizzano with Our office has represented dozens of clients regarding the accounts payable practices of Mobclix and have recovered over $250,000 in the past 30 days from vendors and developers that have been owed funds as far back as 2011. Through our office and our attorneys we have made contact with the correct parties both domestically and internationally to ensure our clients are paid immediately. We charge our fees on a contingency basis meaning we only get paid if you get paid. Do not immediately invoke a lawsuit which will tie your money up for months when you can be paid before the end of this month: My contact details are listed bellow:

    John Trizzano
    Legal Department
    Class Action Specialist
    Phone: 877-832-2482
    Fax: 877-2730-5805

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