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Admob vs Mobclix: 2nd round

June 9, 2010 at 10:55 pm | android, blog, monetizing | 23 comments


This is the second part of a series of posts, look at the 1st round, 3rd round, and some related problems.

It’s been three months since we migrated to Mobclix from Admob, where we stayed for over two months. So we want to share some data, mainly focused to get our fellow developers starting out in the Android world to better estimate what kind of revenue they can make out of advertising.

We will compare the results for four weeks, aligned by the week day, using the data from February/March for Admob, and April/May for Mobclix.

This is the revenue that we generated per day (*):

And here, the revenue per click, which is our preferred indicator to compare how different ad providers perform:

All this has been generated by three applications, that currently have 100k active users (after over 200k downloads). It is difficult to keep track of how many users we had in each ad provider at every point in time, so comparing absolute numbers, like we did in the first graph, does not yield relevant conclusions.

In an upcoming article, we’ll show values that analyze the long term figures!

(*): We have multiplied all figures by a factor k € [0.2, 5.0], in order not to disclose our real numbers while providing meaningful data. This correction is consistent, i.e. if you have 2x active users, expect a similar price per click but double the revenue per day.

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23 Comments to “Admob vs Mobclix: 2nd round”

  1. Michael A. says:

    Very interesting. Looking forward to more posts on this subject. Did you implement MobClix and Admob in parallel into the same programs, or were they split up? Also, how has your experience been working with MobClix vs Admbob?

  2. First, we used Admob, and after some time, in the following release of our applications, we switched to Mobclix. So there was some overlap, but we did not use a “meta ad provider”.

    Regarding your second question, do you mean the results, the integration, the support, or what exactly? In summary: better revenue with Mobclix, better dashboard with Admob, integration is a piece of cake for both, and the support is definitely better in Mobclix.

  3. Michael A. says:

    Sorry about the fuzzy question. I was thinking about the integration and support part. I looked at an early version of their SDK and was not very impressed. I can see from the docs on the new one that it is much improved now; will definitely have to give this a look again.

  4. Sergio says:

    Somebody use smaato? I’m using it from 1 week ago, because admob fill rate down from about 99% to 20% and eCPM down from about 0,8-0,9 to 0,4-0,5 … now I have better eCPM but with admob have ctr about 2% and now about 0,03% :S

    I smaato a real option … or maybe I should use mobclix?

    Btw for stadistics.. my app have 160k downloads and 75k active users

  5. William says:

    I’ve been using Mobclix since Feb. I was owed a payment of $170ish on July 1st (90 days after ads aired). Here it is Aug 4th and still no payment. Contacted Mobclix and they said “We are processing our July payments and will get to yours shortly. ” on Jul 23rd. I have seen more money on the computer screen from mobclix but I’ve yet to receive a single payment from them and I’ve been with them since Feb.

  6. @William
    We’ll soon write a post sharing our experience with Mobclix’s payments. So far really bad.

  7. joe says:

    I heard mobclix payments were terrible as well, I am curious what you have learned. Just so we have some additional stats, how many requests were you getting per day during that range shown in the charts above and what was the fill%?

  8. @joe
    We were getting around 70k requests per day. With Admob, the fill rate went from 60% to 100%, while it was 100% for Mobclix.

  9. omt says:

    How much do you make a day with 70k requests?

  10. Any other good alternative for Android and iPhone/iPad out there other than the AdMob and MobClix?

  11. @william, did you get your payment now?

  12. @omt
    With 70k requests we were making around $50 a day.

    @Simply Usefual Apps
    I would consider Adwhirl. Haven’t tried it myself, though.
    We did not get any payment yet and started generating revenue on March. We contacted their support, but only got fairly unhelpful answers so far (basically, they forward you the invoice…)

  13. @Pablo, thanks for the responses. I was thinking 70k request would make much more! Are the free apps with add model a good approach?

  14. For applications with decent CPM, ad-supported apps is definitely the way to go.

    A high CPM application is one where your users are more likely to click on ads. Our feed readers, or our spell checkers, are good examples, since the user has a relatively long interaction. However, for games I’d go for a trial version + paid version approach: clicking on an ad while playing is a pain.

    Plus, you get many more users, which implies more visibility, with a free application.

  15. LuisKaP says:

    The problem with mobclix is that they don’t take developers seriously.

    I was very happy with Mobclix the first two months, everything was going just fine, nice eCPM and fill rate, nice support, no min revenue for payouts and a 75-day payment fashion.

    Then we noticed that payments didn’t reach our paypal account, so we email them, and they answered that now payments were done in a 100-day fashion, plus min revenue was set up to $100 (!!!)
    It has been like 110 days since the month we had more than $100, and we’ve not received any payment yet.

    Yes, admob has lower fill rate, lower eCPM, but you get more REAL money from them, and quicker, just 45 days after, and not 100+ as with mobclix.

    As a result, we published our next app with Admob about a month ago, and now we have more than 1 million requests a day. Yes, we have a 86% fill rate, a $0.2 eCPM, but at least they pay us!

    I hope this changes, because i really liked the mobclix concept…

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  17. William says:

    Update, I received my payment after opening a second help ticket with Mobclix and stated ” *

    Ok, so here I am, August 4th, and still no payment that was due July 1st, or within a reasonable amount of time thereafter. Then after looking for the policies regarding payments (because when I signed up it was T+75 was payment and now I’m hearing it’s T+90) I find nothing but a privacy policy. The terms of service is the exact same page with a different heading. Then I see on the front page that “If you make money with Mobclix, you get it. We work diligently with our partners so you have 100% transparency on your payments. Unite with Mobclix to get your money faster!” And let me tell you, thus far that cannot be ANY further from the truth. There is no transparency, just finding out what I’m owed involves me looking up each app and tallying it up on a calculator. Thus far, very very poor service from Mobclix.

    On to my question, The last response of “We are processing our July payments and will get to yours shortly. ” isn’t working for me, what I want to know is when can I expect payment ? ”

    At this point they replied the next day with “HI William,
    Your July payment was issued yesterday.
    Eric ”

    And I was paid for May, June and July all at once, on Aug 4th. Now they are 2 months behind on payments again. I strongly discourage anyone who expects reasonable payment schedule to avoid mobClix. Admob is more reliable as far as payments.

  18. Robert says:

    I would suggest you use MobFox as an alternative for your EU Traffic. I am currently using a combination of iAd, MobFox and Admob and have never had such high revenue numbers before. Basically, i am calling iAd, if iAd has no ads for me then I am calling MobFox, which is the best paying network for European users, and if neither iAd nor MobFox have ads for me, I am taking the Admob Ads (lowest paying ads). This has been working really well for me for the past months. Hope i could help :-)

  19. Roko says:

    Question to Robert or to any one.
    Robert you wrote that your AD request goes firstly to iAD if no ADS are available then it seeks ADS in Mobfox andagain if no ADs are found then it looks for Admob ADs. Do you use AdWhirl? Or have you code something own in your app to prioritize the ADnetwork queue? Do you have different Adnetwork queues set for various countries?
    Thanks in advance.

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  22. James says:

    I love Admob, where else could you get 2 cents a click with a CTR of half a percent. All I need is a million downloads and I can be above the poverty line.

  23. James says:

    Best part is, these past 2 weeks that’s been cut in half, so I guess I need 2 million downloads. Kudos.


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