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Admob vs Mobclix: 1st round

March 25, 2010 at 1:26 pm | android, blog, monetizing | 39 comments


This is the first part of a series of posts, look at the 2nd round, 3rd round, and some related problems.

We have been using Admob for three of our applications during two months. Our first impression was very positive: we generated way more revenue than what we expected.

The revenue per day was very unstable. In the last weeks, it went sharply down with no apparently reason (almost 30%-40%). We tried hard to understand how the Admob network works internally, with no happy end. We have more users, more impressions, more CTR but much less revenue… (stay tuned for an upcoming post where we share our stats).

After some twitter posts trying to find fellow developers with whom to share experiences, we were contacted by a Mobclix employee suggesting we switched to their mashup of agregated advertisement networks.

So, we tested Mobclix with the smallest app (in active users) with ads that we have, the MLIA widget:

Here it is the comparison between Admob vs Mobclix in MLIA over the same days, it looks really promising!

Admob stats

23-3-20103123 $0.50912.83%$2.93

Moblix stats

23-3-20103,313 $1.53892.69%$5.06

Still, it is very soon to draw firm conclusions. This is the start of a series of post with the comparative.

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39 Comments to “Admob vs Mobclix: 1st round”

  1. Sahil Verma says:

    Thanks for the kind words! Love working with you guys!


  2. Till says:

    I am evaluating mobclix at the moment for my app. Is there a way to hide the ad views when no ads are displayed?

  3. Mark says:

    Would be interested to know the performance in China. I’m getting less than 0.5 cents per click (AdMob) in that region :(

  4. Jessica says:

    Hi there,

    Just came across your experiment, and wanted to toss my company (Nexage) into the ring, if you’re interested in continuing the experiment.

    We just released an Android SDK, and app developers can sign up below –

    Please let me know if I can be of any assistance.


  5. Travis says:

    I’ve experienced the same thing with both admob (revenue nosediving) and mobclix (revenue ~2x more than admob). I am looking into other options for future Android apps…

  6. Orlando says:

    In my experience admob and mobclix are showing the same ads over and over and most of the ads are just trying to scam people for cell phone subscriptions, and some of the ads I have seen are so horribly done they have a lot of misspellings and bad syntax in them. When are the real advertisers going to come to you, I mean like real well known brands? And my eCPM is ludicrous, I’m producing them around 300,000 impressions a day, and my pay it’s only like $7 to $9 a day!!! Not worth the time I spent developing my seven apps!! I’m very angry!

  7. Wow, nice CTRs! I am trying AdSense for second day and I am not exactly on such numbers. Still, it is 250.000+ app with more than 2000 new installs per day and it makes more then I expected. Did you experiment with keywords a lot? I am completely new to this ads world. I would love to talk to you about these things!


  8. Also, how is it possible to have such a huge difference in eCPM?

  9. KreCi says:

    Hello, thanks for a great post. I have one question – how do you get so good CTR? I have just put my new app on Android Market a few days ago and my CTR 1,01%. And the app is for reading traffic stats on wp blogs – I believe that it is used by an average user a few times a day. Could you tell more about improving CTR? My add is on the bottom just under “Refresh Stats” button.

  10. We have managed to keep the CTR of our applications from 1.5% to 3.5% as an average after several months.

    I believe it has to do with two things, mainly: how suitable your application is for the users (ie, are they reading something from it, or just clicking in and out quickly?), and how relevant the ads are (keyword selection).

    Also, experienced users “don’t even see” the ads, so I think the kind of audience also affects in a funny way.

    Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert on mobile advertising, just sharing our (relatively limited) experience, so please correct me if I’m wrong!

  11. Villy says:

    Hola,una pregunta he incrustado publicidad con moblix en mi aplicación, lleva ya un par de días puesta y no consigo que se vea ningún anuncio, siempre consigo un error -503, he leido por algún foro que simplemente significa que está bien instalado pero que los proveedores de la publi no retornan el banner. Cuanto tiempo se supone que tardan en sumunistrarte la publicidad?

  12. Hola,

    Suele llevar horas para tener al menos un proveedor activado. No es muy normal que lleves días sin ningún anuncio. Supongo que habrás activado la opción de ‘Optimization’ no?

  13. Villy says:

    Tengo 6 proveedores activos y el optimitation activado, pues vaya… gracias por responder tan rápido, se te ocurre donde puede estar el fallo? la cosa es que si deshabilito todos los proveedores si que sale en la aplicación en azulito “an error has ocurred” con lo que la cuenta la está cogiendo bien, pero en cuanto lo vuelvo a activar siempre me da error -503 y se oculta la vista del ad. La verdad es que la web de configuración me parece un poco liosa, me pueda faltar algo por activar? Gracias Omar

  14. El código de error HTTP 503 se da por:

    the server failed to respond due to maintenance or overloading.

    Podría darse el caso durante un tiempo determinado, pero no siempre. No te falta nada por activar, y en el código supongo que habrás seguido los pasos y tienes la última SDK.

    Contacta al servicio técnico, son bastante majos.


  15. Villy says:

    Gracias Omar, acabo de enviarles un “ticket” al servicio técnico, a ver si me responden rápido. Un saludo

  16. Villy says:

    Bueno pues ya me han respondido, lo pongo aquí por si a alguien le resulta útil. No me aparecen adds porque mi aplicación, aún tener 11000 descargas y 7000 activas esta en idioma español, y obviamente el 99% de las descargas son de origen españa-Latino america y desde esas localizaciones, de momento, no hay casi patrocinadores. La verdad es que después de lo loco que me he vuelto con el tema, la respuesta me ha desilusionado bastante, así que tendré que buscar otro proveedor. Un saludo y gracias por la ayuda.

  17. Bastante decepcionante la verdad, prueba con Adbmob aunque en nuestro caso nos ha dado peores resultados (pronto sacaremos otro post con las conclusiones finales).

    Nosotros hemos enfocado todas nuestras aplicaciones al mercado estadounidense.


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  20. Marga says:

    Using admob I’m getting a CTR of 0.07% and a eCPM of $0.02, on a sample of 35000 views.

    As far as I can tell, I’m following all the recommendations, I guess I’m just getting rubbish ads that nobody is interested in.

    I’m pretty sure it’s costing me more to run my free app than I’m making in ad revenue, and that’s ignoring the development time.

    I guess I must be doing something wrong…

  21. Strange Kite says:

    [...] We have a very shallow comparative in our blog: [...]

  22. Eong says:

    Really? I’m runing mobclix on my apps. I have an app with 3,500,000 impressions and 2700 clicks everyday. But with get 0.02/ecpm and $50 revenue.

  23. Omar says:

    @Eong your CTR (percentage of clicks over impressions) of 0,07% is really low, for that you have such eCPM and revenue. For example, with one of our apps we have 350.000 impressions, 0,25% CTR, $0,11 eCPM, $30. You should do something so the people click, such amount of impressions is incredible!

  24. valllllll2000 says:

    Hola a los usarios en español! estoy buscando tambien una solucion de publicidad de aplicacion de android para el mercado en español y me gustaria saber que empresas me podeis aconsejar para que no me pase como a Villy.


  25. Fine Page says:

    I realize this blog I added the google reader. This is a nice blog, I will follow it whenever I have enough time.

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  28. [...] installs. It is ad-supported (by Admob, but it used to be Mobclix, see our experience with them here), and it doesn’t do too bad, with a eCPM of $0.09. The paid application is Spell Checker PRO, [...]

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  30. thrash says:

    The best ad-network for my experience has been Leadbolt. I have triend admob and Mobclix also. I make about 6 times the money i used to make when i used admob. I use banners, contentlockers and appwall. All are performing really good. Contentlockers give very nice ecpm. When user completes an offer from the contentlocker i give them extra features for the apps. This method is working really well. If you decide to try Leadbolt please use my link

    Register to Leadbolt developer :

  31. Natty says:

    Mobclix is “SCAM”!!.Don’t waste time with them.
    I’m used mobclix for my ads for then 5 months.I got 120 USD since 4 month ago.
    They said my payment is NET90 days.But now it’s alredy over 100 days.
    They don’t pay anything.I still don’t get any money from mobclix.
    Mobclix is lier and Scam.Don’t belive them.
    Don’t waste time for them.You’ll get paid nothing.

  32. Denis says:

    Same for me… They owe nearly $300, and it’s over 100 days so I should at least get something, but still no a penny from them.

    They may advertise a higher pay rate than Admob, but they don’t pay while I have a monthly payment with Admob with no hassle.

  33. [...] ad campaigns were remarkably effective there, yielding pretty high eCPM (see our post on this: Admob vs Mobclix comparison). The TFLN site owners argued it was against their Terms of Service to have this application in the [...]

  34. Blasphemy says:

    Nice stats but mobclix seems to be down. Anyway good article.

  35. Tristan says:

    Dragon City Hack is a fun social game. 

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